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Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference 2018 (Gibraltar)

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference 2018 (Gibraltar). The conference will bring together about 300 participants: entrepreneurs, investors, developers as well as lawyers, financial experts and marketing specialists engaged in the digital currency and blockchain sector.

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Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference 2017 (Tallinn, Estonia)

Tallinn will host the first large conference devoted to Blockchain and cryptocurrencies This is the first large conference for Blockchain businessmen and developers of leading IT companies, authors of startups and everyone who is interested in Blockchain technologies. Participants will discuss Blockchain solutions in governance (Govtech) as well as developments of various business spheres: banking, […]


Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Russia (Moscow, Russia)

On November 10, for the second time this year, Moscow will host the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Russia – a conference dedicated to cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based services. The main subject of interest will be blockchain in banking sector, management and different business areas. Bitcoin, Ethereum blockchains, and individual blockchain implementations interest not only the major […]