Finland-based augmented reality glasses maker Dispelix secures €10 million

Finland-based augmented reality glasses maker Dispelix secures €10 million

Augmented reality glasses. Ah yes, who could forget the debacle that was Google Glass? I too wore a pair for a brief moment, and I’ll be honest, I was less than impressed.

However, that doesn’t mean that fundamentally the technology doesn’t have huge potential. And this potential is exactly what Flashpoint Venture Debt Fund is betting €5 million on. Dispelix raised the additional €5 million in funding via undisclosed investors.

The funding is expected to be used towards further development of the company’s full colour Laser Beam Scanning (LBS) projection technology, as well as expand customer acquisition and support worldwide.

“With its incredible team, Dispelix has done tremendous work to broaden its product portfolio and strengthen its technology and IP assets to better serve customers on a global scale,” comments Flashpoint managing partner Donatella Callegaris.

Dispelix claims to have the world’s thinnest (0.3mm)and lightest waveguide displays which provide for all-day-wearable AR glasses that deliver a large eyebox and an unobstructed real-world view.

Now about that huge potential, Dispelix notes that in combination with their go-to-market partners the technology provides key foundational elements that are necessary for making all-day wearable augmented reality tech a reality. The company’s LBS approach makes for an unmatched experience of lightness, with one example noted as a transition from smartwatches to AR glasses in the wearable health tracker market.

On the industrial front, Dispelix exemplifies a combination of their tech in combination with web-based applications, providing for a visual, hands-free user interface, specifically in the remote monitoring, predictive maintenance, and on-demand support areas.

Granted, this is not the first time we’ve heard of this utopian scenario, but maybe we were all just a bit ahead of the game. And there’s nothing wrong with dreaming big, so long as the big dreamers can keep pushing in make the dream the reality.

And maybe the team at Dispelix are just these reality makers.

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