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Vienna’s Speedinvest isn’t messing around when it comes to saving the planet. Specifically targeted at providing long-term support for existing sustainability-focused portfolio investments, the VC firm announces today a new €80 million fund. Leaving no i’s undotted, nor t’s uncrossed, Speedinvest reports that the fund will also be used
Early-stage VC firm Speedinvest has announced the final close of its second specialist marketplaces and consumer fund at €60 million, €10 million over the initial target. The fund is aimed specifically at European B2B and B2C marketplaces that demonstrate strong network effects. While not specifically mentioned in this fund,
European VC firm Speedinvest has closed its third fund at €190 million, reportedly above target and ahead of schedule. Around €100 million of the new fund is set aside for follow-on funding, while the rest will go to seed-stage investments in new startups. This new fund, which brings total
When I set up the Reverse Pitch series, the intention was to give funds the opportunity to demonstrate what makes them different. Speedinvest x rose to the challenge, highlighting their unique investment thesis and approach to investing in tomorrow’s technologies.  Speedinvest x was founded in 2018 as a micro VC
UK-based industrial AI startup with Russian roots Conundrum has raised $1.5 million in funding from Speedinvest Industry. Conundrum AI applies deep learning and automated machine learning techniques to help industrial customers predict equipment failures and decrease downtime they can cause. It also builds so-called “digital twins,” precise digital models
Vienna-based pre-seed venture capital fund Pioneers Ventures, which was founded in 2015 by Pioneers and Speedinvest, has a new structure. Speedinvest is taking over more than thirty of Pioneers Ventures’ existing investments in business tech, consumer tech, fintech, and healthtech, and integrating them into its portfolio. The current Pioneers
In the 50th episode of the podcast, we discuss Europe’s technology scene post-Brexit, as well as some interesting new funds and recent funding rounds.