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Journalist and podcast host based in the Netherlands. Covering all things technology since 2007 for, Engadget, TNW, Ars Technica UK, the Kyiv Post, and more.

Contact this author Podcast: Deciphering foodtech jargon with Mark Durno, Rockstart Agrifood

In today’s show, we talk with Mark Durno, managing partner at Rockstart Agrifood, which recently raised a €22+ million fund. Rockstart has spent most of its existence as an accelerator, but for the past couple of years it’s been transforming into an accelerator-VC. We asked Mark what it actually means in practice, what kind of agrifood companies he’s looking for, and much more. Podcast: Hangout session with Lubomila Jordanova, Plan A

In today’s show, listen to an interview that recorded recently on Clubhouse with Lubomila Jordanova, founder and CEO of Plan A. Listen to this one to hear Lubomila’s takes on the influx of new impact VCs in Europe, carbon offsetting issues, greenwashing in the VC industry, as well as advice on how to hire the best talent for a growing startup.