Helsinki-based digital facilitation platform Howspace raises €12 million in Series A round

Helsinki-based digital facilitation platform Howspace has raised €12 million in a Series A round led by Forestay Capital and Inventure. Howspace reports that the funding will be used to accelerate core business plans and recruitment efforts in both Europe and North America.

Howspace encourages and facilitates learning, change management, and strategic planning via digital channels, eschewing the hodgepodge of tools organisations have had to assemble over the past year. The platform is addressing the workplace “new normal”, both of today and tomorrow.

“Howspace’s products differentiate it from the market, offering one ecosystem of collaboration with AI acting in the background to facilitate remote interactions at scale. That gives us cause for excitement about what the future holds, and we fully believe in, and back, [Howspace] management’s vision for achieving global growth,” comments Frederic Wohlwend of Forestay Capital.

Currently in use by The United Nations and partners across 30 countries around the globe, Howspace has previously raised €3 million, €1.4 million in a seed round, and €1.6 million in a bridge round that concluded in October of 2019. The company now has a headcount of just over 60 employees in both Europe and North America, with ambitions to bolster this roster soon.

“We want to be at the forefront of the future of work by enabling people to be truly involved and impactful in the organizations they devote their time to,” comments Howspace CEO and Conductor of Jyvaskyla Big Band Ilkka Mäkitalo. “Most importantly, we all believe that the future of work is social. We are excited to see how we can build new connections and continue to scale the great partner ecosystem we have built across 30 countries.”

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