Swedish company Jondetech has raised €5.2 million for their heat sensors developed using nanotechnology. The investment comes from Pareto Securities.

Jondetech's new infrared sensor detects thermal radiation, and is said to be the world's thinnest sensor of its kind. It can be used to measure heat flow and even children's fevers.

"Conventional sensors have been very large," said Robert Ekström, CEO of Jondetech, as reported by Di Digital. "Ours is very very small and makes it possible to integrate the sensor, for example, into a mobile phone. With the sensor we can measure heat flows, the temperature of screens and computers, the body temperature of adults or infants with a smart patch, and the temperature in several IOT segments,"

By measuring the heat flows in buildings such as offices, air conditioning can be used more efficiently, while installing the device on a computer also makes it possible to save energy by turning it off when no one is using it.

Ekström said the funding will be used to do business with mobile phone manufacturers and computer manufacturers, hire more people, and continue to develop the sensor and the applications that it will be used in.

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