Helsinki-based, which bills itself as a “reality-focused game development and video streaming technology company”, has raised $2 million in a seed round from early Supercell backer Initial Capital, early Small Giant Games backer PROfounders Capital, Brighteye Ventures and Business Finland.

With the money, the fledgling company says it aims to bring real-life online gaming to the masses with the development of its game portfolio alongside its proprietary low-latency video streaming tech (dubbed SurroRTG).

“To date, video games continue to be developed with the same limitations as at the time of Pong – creating fake physics and fake graphics with the attempt to mimic real-life. At Surrogate, we want to rethink this process by bringing in everything the real world has to offer and using it as a major element in the video gaming experience,” said Shane Allen, co-founder and CEO of Surrogate.

Surrogate aims to release its first ‘mini-games’ in August 2019.

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