Finnish machine learning startup Valohai has raised $1.8 million led by Superhero Capital with participation from Reaktor Ventures and government funding agency Business Finland.

Valohai develops an automated platform-as-a-service for organisations to use and scale machine learning-based solutions. Conventional machine learning development can take years to get rolling, according to the company.

“Currently, every company starting with large-scale machine learning needs to build a lot of overhead infrastructure before they can apply deep learning to solve the actual problem,” said CEO Eero Laaksonen. “By providing a standardized infrastructure and workflow, we help companies focus on the actual business driving machine learning models instead of the infrastructure.”

The Turku-based company has customers in Europe, US, and Asia. It will use the new funds for further product development and expanding its teams.

“Uniform workflows and collaboration tools will play a pivotal role in guiding machine learning solutions to the next level,” added Juha Ruohonen, partner at Superhero Capital. “Valohai’s collaborative tool means data professionals can work together towards a common goal and create the next big thing for machine learning and AI.”

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