Europe is huge, populous, fragmented and diverse, in more ways you can imagine.

That makes it notoriously difficult to cover its technology industry, its hugely varied startup hubs and the triumphs and tribulations of its finest tech entrepreneurs and companies in depth.

We’ve built a kick-ass team that is ready to take on the challenge anyway; to create the digital publication we believe the European tech industry needs and deserves.

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The Team.

Robin Wauters

Entrepreneur and seasoned, multi-lingual tech journalist with many years of experience in reporting, networking, organizing and curating events, moderating panels, interviewing, etc.

Alex Barrera

Founder and CEO of Press42, an Agile/Lean trainer & evangelist at Proyectali and co-founder and curator of Tetuan Valley, an international startup incubator based in Madrid. Formerly editor at The Kernel Magazine.

Ivo Spigel

Co-founder of Perpetuum Mobile and Croatia’s premier startup program, ZIP. Former editor at The Kernel; Ivo regularly writes columns for Forbes Croatia, and is working on a book with interviews of European startup founders.

Roxanne Varsa

Runs startup initiatives for Microsoft in Europe, has worked for startups, co-founded Girls In Tech Paris. Ex-editor of TechCrunch France; contributor to The Telegraph, The Kernel, Betakit and Business Insider.

Jon Bradford

Managing Director of accelerator TechStars London, and also involved in ignite100 (UK), Startup Wise Guys (Estonia) and Eleven (Bulgaria). Co-founder of global startup community f6s.

Adrian McShane

Coder-entrepreneur and member of the founding team – and formerly head of product - of The Kernel Magazine. Long career in "Old Media" building technology solutions.