Cisco acquires Stockholm, Sweden-based networking tech firm Tail-f Systems for $175 million

Cisco this morning said it is buying all shares of privately-held Tail-f Systems, a Stockholm, Sweden-based company that specialises in what it calls “multi-vendor network service orchestration solutions” for traditional and virtualised networks. Cisco is coughing up $175 million for the purchase of Tail-f, in a mixture of cash and retention-based incentives, to ‘accelerate its […]

All non-European companies (including Google and Facebook) will have to follow EU data protection rules

All companies operating on European soil must meet Europe’s data protection rules, ministers agreed on Friday, although governments remain divided over how to enforce them, exactly. EU Justice commissioner Viviane Reding spoke today in Luxembourg, saying that the 2012 EU data protection bill is on track for adoption in 2015, seeing the effort unequivocally backed […]

Axel Springer expands digital publishing empire with acquisition of VentureVillage, Gründerszene publisher Vertical Media

German media juggernaut Axel Springer has acquired 90% of the shares of Vertical Media, a Berlin-based digital media company that publishes English-language local startup blog VentureVillage and its big German-speaking sister, Gründerszene. The rest of the shares will be held by co-founder Mark Hoffmann, who will stay on board as managing director. The price of […]