Supposedly super secure Telegram app is vulnerable to MITM attacks, cybersecurity expert claims

Self-proclaimed ‘cybersecurity expert’ Jesus Diaz Vico says Telegram, the supposedly uber-secure and increasingly popular alternative to WhatsApp and the like, isn’t quite secure enough. In a blog post and a publication (PDF), Diaz Vico details how an attacker could potentially circumvent Telegram’s authentication protocols by launching a ‘Man-in-the-Middle attack’ using a malicious third-party client as […]

Twitter nabs a Googler to run its operations in Germany

Twitter has put Thomas de Buhr (Twitter profile) at the helm of its German operations, report The Wall Street Journal and various German media. The 45-year old Hamburg resident spent the last five years working for Google, most recently as its ‘Director of Branding’. His job as Twitter Germany’s new managing director? To ramp up […]