Podcast #80: Amazon’s European expansion, Uber’s troubles in the UK and focus on Seedcamp, HotJar and more

The podcast is a show in which I (Robin Wauters) discuss some of the most interesting stories from the European technology scene, and interview leading entrepreneurs and investors from across the region.

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On this episode, we discuss the following topics:

– The Draper Esprit-Seedcamp deal(s)
– Mo’ money for funds: Sunstone, Brighteye Ventures and ING
– An interesting Skyscanner acquisition
– Big funding rounds for TransferWise, Monzo, GetYourGuide and others
– Amazon’s expansion in Europe (and Uber’s troubles)
– Europe’s plan to regulate ICOs
– We interviewed Malta-based, bootstrapped startup HotJar’s co-founder, Jonathan Vella

Featured image credit: StepanPopov / Shutterstock

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