UK AI startup Ditto raises £4 million for its software advisor bots

AI company Ditto has raised £4 million from IP Group, which builds intellectual property-based businesses, and Parkwalk Advisors. Manchester-based Ditto has developed AI-powered software advisor bots that solve queries but also provide the reasoning behind the decisions, creating a clear audit trail in highly-regulated industries. Its technology is used in environmental, health and safety (EHS) […]

French AI startup Another Brain raises €10 million in new funding round

Paris-based artificial intelligence startup Another Brain has raised €10 million from a number of European, American, and Chinese investors: Alpha Intelligence Capital, Daphni, Global Founders Capital, Cathay Capital, and Aglae Ventures. The company, founded just a year ago, develops AI-enabled chips for autonomous learning, which it says is inspired by the way the cerebral cortex […]

Facebook invests in several new digital skills training programs in Europe

Facebook has announced several new initiatives to provide digital skills training to one million people in the EU by 2020. The Community Boost EU program will provide skills and assistance to help European startups and SMBs to grow and expand. The tech giant is opening new community skills hubs in Spain, Poland, and Italy and […]

Biotech startup Nuritas raises €16 million in Series A funding

Nuritas, an Irish biotech startup, has raised €16 million in a Series A round led by US firm Cultivian Sandbox Ventures. Nuritas has built a medical platform that uses artificial intelligence to analyse peptides in food, which it claims is 500 times faster than current technology. “Our artificial intelligence platform has already disrupted this antiquated […]

UK AI company Genus AI raises $1 million in seed funding

Genus AI, an artificial intelligence company based in London, has raised $1 million in seed funding led by Picus Capital with participation from several angel investors: Andy Chung of AngelList, Charlie Songhurst, and GoCardless founder Matt Robinson. The Genus AI is a platform for businesses that uses machine learning to continuously engage with and learn […]