New research suggests European design teams punch above their weight

InVision, a digital product design platform, has recently released The New Design Frontier Study, a global research project examining the impact of design on business. The project is one of the most comprehensive analyses of its kind, surveying 2,200 design companies to understand the relationship between design practice and business performance. The project is unique […]

Think globally, go public: Two tech unicorns joined Euronext this year

Editor’s note: This is a sponsored article, which means it’s independently written by our editorial team but financially supported by another organisation, in this case, Euronext. If you would like to learn more about sponsored posts on, read this and contact us if you’re interested in partnering with us. As the European tech ecosystem matures, more big names […]

Seed The Future: A free report on early-stage tech startups in Europe

We’re thrilled to announce our latest report, developed in close partnership with Stripe and Techstars and launched today on the main stage at the Web Summit in Lisbon. It’s a doozy. It’s the first time anyone has ever undertaken research on early-stage technology startup activity on such a scale, this extensively. We dug deep, is […]

European tech funding starts out strong and steady in first half of 2018

2018 is shaping up to be a strong and steady year for European tech funding, with €5.8 billion raised in each of its first two quarters. This means European tech startups raised €11.6 billion total for H1 2018, which is exactly the same amount that was raised in H1 2017. However, don’t expect tech funding […]