Podcast #145: Mega-round for Picnic, October is more than just a month, the Apostrophe Protection Society, interview with Raphaël Meyer of Lancey

This week, Natalie Novick and Andrii Degeler discussed Picnic’s mega-round and a fresh court ruling in its favour, why would anyone call a company October, the Apostrophe Protection Society, the world of big toothbrushes, and much more. The featured conversation of the week is a conversation with Raphaël Meyer, CEO & Co-founder at Lancey. Podcast #144: Uber’s future in London, European tech in the “Valley of death,” interview with Thomas Canguilhem of EcoTree

This week, Natalie Novick and Andrii Degeler talk about Uber’s licence — or rather lack thereof — in London, the EU trying to save startups from the “Valley of death,” the world of home delivery, Shoshana Zuboff’s Axel Springer Award, and more. In addition to all that, listen to a conversation with Thomas Canguilhem, partner and head of international growth at EcoTree.