The latest report offers an in-depth look at the must funded verticals in Europe. A lot has been said about what Europe is supposedly 'good at', but there's little data available to back up the claims and anecdotal 'evidence'.

We dove into the data we've accumulated over the past years and came up with a list, and thoroughly analysed, the 10 verticals that have seen the most investment in Europe in the first half of 2015.

Unsurprisingly, Europe-based Fintech (financial technology) startups have proved the most popular with investors this year, with companies like Kreditech, Funding Circle, WorldRemit and TransferWise raising big rounds.

But the most remarkable thing about fintech investments in Europe is that there have been so many deals. To wit, there have been 58 disclosed investments into European fintech startups in the first half of this year alone, compared to 28 - less than half - into the Security vertical (the number two when it comes to number of deals).

Other popular verticals we've identified and analysed include Food, Fashion and Music, though a lot of that has to do with a small number of mega-rounds of financing. The influence of startup factory and investment firm Rocket Internet on the data is huge.

Not in the top 10, undoubtedly surprising to many, are industry verticals such as Gaming, Hardware, Transport and Education Technology. Check out our analysis if you'd like to learn why we believe this to be the case (and why it might change).