Report: Tech Funding + Exits in Europe, Turkey and Israel (Q1 2017)


Our latest European Tech Exits and Funding report shows that a higher proportion of later stage rounds made Q1 2017 one of the best quarters on record for European and Israeli tech funding, and it was also a particularly strong quarter for VC exits.

In terms of funding, the quarter was the second best we’ve recorded since we started tracking in 2013, surpassed only by Q1 of 2016, when Spotify raised €1 billion in debt. European and Israeli startups completed 869 funding rounds in Q1 2017, totalling €4.5 billion. Compared to Q4 2016, there was a 3% drop in the number of deals but a 17.2% increase in investment volume.

While the number of overall tech M&A deals across Europe increased 5.6% during the first quarter compared to the same period the previous year, very few of the transaction sizes were disclosed. That led the total exit volume reported to drop by 16.7% to €20 billion during the period, compared to €24 billion during the same quarter of 2016.

In this report, we analyse the funding, M&A deals and IPOs monitored in Q1 2017, looking at the most active investors, countries and verticals in Europe and Israel, as well as taking a deep dive into the state of tech in a number of key markets.

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