Report: Tech M&A + IPOs in Europe, Turkey and Israel (Q2 2016)


At, we’ve been meticulously tracking all M&A and IPO activity involving European, Israeli and Turkish tech companies. In this report, we take a close look at the state of European tech exits in the region for the second quarter of 2016.

During this period, we tracked 165 deals involving European, Turkish and Israeli technology companies, combining for €22 billion in exit value. 45% of those companies were VC-backed, totalling for €2.4 billion.

All figures represent a considerable decrease compared to the previous quarter. But, as you’ll be able to find out when you grab a copy of our in-depth and comprehensive Q2 2016 exits report, there’s a lot more to consider when analysing exit activity in Q2 and also a handful of facts that make it a relevant and impactful quarter in and of itself. > Get it now for just £99!


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