Alexander Saeedy

Alexander is a freelance journalist and public policy researcher living in Brussels, Belgium. His work has appeared in Foreign Affairs, EUObserver, VICENews, and elsewhere. Find him on Twitter @ajsaeedy.

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A chat with Julia Reda, Pirate Party MEP, on digital surveillance and corporate lobbying in Europe recently met with Julia Reda, an Member of the European Parliament for Germany’s left-leaning Pirate Party (Piratenpartei Deutschland). Founded in 2006, the German Pirates seek to harness today’s digital revolution to build an open-information society where copyright and intellectual property rules are loosened and made more flexible. While they have been swept out of […]


Russian cybersecurity firm with alleged Kremlin ties wants to bring elections online – and protect them with the blockchain

A Russian cybersecurity firm accused of helping Kremlin spies conspire against the United States is promising to bring elections into the digital age through – what else? – the blockchain. Polys, as it is called, is an online platform that allows for large organizations or municipalities to organize an online vote. Security is guaranteed through […]


European data miners: “We were told to relocate our servers to the US”

Tech firms are speaking out against changes to EU copyright rules that they say could force them to leave Europe for the sake of protecting their businesses. The rules in question concern text and data mining (TDM), the practice of uncovering and analyzing patterns from indexed data sets, ranging from academic papers to social media […]


Analysis: After hitting Amazon with a €250 million bill, EU considers next steps on new digital taxes

On Wednesday, the European Commission ordered that Amazon pay back 250 million euros to the government of Luxembourg, which gave the e-commerce and cloud computing giant illegal and overly generous tax breaks from 2006-2014, it says. It is the latest chapter in the EU’s fight to have digital businesses, predominately headquartered in the United States, […]