Cisco this morning said it is buying all shares of privately-held Tail-f Systems, a Stockholm, Sweden-based company that specialises in what it calls "multi-vendor network service orchestration solutions" for traditional and virtualised networks.

Cisco is coughing up $175 million for the purchase of Tail-f, in a mixture of cash and retention-based incentives, to 'accelerate its cloud virtualization strategy'.

Upon completion of the acquisition, Tail-f employees will join Cisco's Cloud and Virtualization Group led by Gee Rittenhouse, vice president and general manager.

Here's more info on Tail-f:

> Tail\-f's products help service providers and enterprise IT organizations easily and cost\-effectively implement applications, network services and solutions across networking devices. Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, Tail\-f's technology also helps reduce the time\-to\-market for network equipment vendors building equipment for agile, software\-programmable networks. > Surging network traffic volumes and sprawling infrastructures have made managing service provider networks more expensive and complex, while increased competition is driving service providers to introduce new services at a rapid rate. Customers are turning to Cisco to use cloud technology to deliver new services with greater agility at lower costs.

Press release

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