Ha Duong, a former associate at Techstars, has compiled a very exhaustive list of European artificial intelligence and machine learning startups. Check it out!
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  • Thanks for sharing the Google Sheet! I’m Mark at Wealth Club. One thing I noticed: MMC Ventures is listed twice in “investors_list” column, but I spotted five of their portfolio companies there. What’s the policy on updating the sheet?

    • I hope my list of European AI startups can help you get an overview of the market and detect new exciting business models you have not heard about. If there is some data you can add or correct please do so and feel free to shoot me a message with thoughts or feedback.

  • HealthiHabits

    Hello Ha Duong, very nice list. Well done! You named 12 Swedish companies in AI, though missed one of the leading AI companies in Digital Health : http://www.healthihabits.com — also on crunchbase and angelist.


  • Mostafa Benhenda

    Nice post! I am organizing a conference-hackathon at Kiev Polytechnic Institute, best scientific university of Ukraine, about Artificial Intelligence and deep learning real-world applications. So your post is inspiring for us!
    I am looking for remote speakers (15 minutes on Skype…) to propose challenges to our crowd of AI hackers. The goal is to initiate new collaborations: recruitment, funding, consulting or outsourcing. Are you interested ?