A wearable camera that automatically records your life: is Narrative the future or just plain creepy? (interview)

We paid a visit to the offices of Stockholm, Sweden-headquartered Narrative, the maker of a tiny camera that you can clip on to automatically capture almost every moment of your day. Creepy or not?
A wearable camera that automatically records your life: is Narrative the future or just plain creepy? (interview)

As part of my recent whirlwind tour of Stockholm startups, I couldn't not go over to the Narrative offices to see what the maker of one of the first 'lifelogging cameras' is up to these days.

In our view one of the most exciting lean hardware startups in Europe, the startup sells the 'Narrative Clip', which is essentially a small camera that you can clip on to your clothes and have it automatically capture pretty much everything you see and everyone you meet on any given day.

Taking a picture every 30 seconds, the Narrative Clip records thousands of images by the end of a day, and the software that comes with the device lets you organize the photos and weed out the non-important ones.


What should be left is a perfect photographic memory of your activities and the people you've met with, basically solving the problem of memorable yet spontaneous moments not getting captured because of the time it took to grab your phone or camera. Because, you know, one never knows when (s)he's going to run into U.S. President Barack Obama.

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In an interview with Narrative co-founder and CEO Martin Kallström, we talked about the current status of the company (spoiler alert: it's selling-and-shipping time!), what comes next and about the inevitable privacy issues that come with an automatic camera you can wear on you day in day out.

You can watch the interview above, and here are more video interviews featuring Stockholm’s finest tech entrepreneurs:

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