Seedcamp by the numbers, 8 years in: 206 startups backed, $365m in follow-on funding, 12 exits

Seedcamp, the London-based, pan-European early-stage investment company, has crunched its numbers after eight years of backing tech startups.

Seedcamp, the London-based, pan-European early-stage investment company, has crunched its numbers after eight years of backing tech startups. The company, which started out as a startup accelerator in 2007, has since morphed into a dedicated seed fund, especially after raising €30 million of its own a little over half a year ago.

Seedcamp is today also announcing its latest batch of startup investments - also check out the 20 companies that were presented back in September.

But first, the numbers:

- To date, Seedcamp has invested in a total of **206 startups from 37 countries**

- Of those, **149 are still in business**, while **45 have been shut down**

- There have been **12 exits** (or close to 6% of Seedcamp's portfolio)

- 84% of Seedcamp-backed startups have **raised $365 million** in combined follow-on funding

- Seedcamp has co-invested alongside **500+ VCs, angels and corporate investors**

- 34% of the Seedcamp portfolio was backed by **at least one US-based investor**

- The last two years alone, Seedcamp has made **95 investments** (vs. just 6 in 2007)

- **15% of Seedcamp's portfolio is classified as 'fintech'**, 13% as 'Cloud/SaaS'

- Seedcamp says its companies have **created more than 2,500 new jobs**

Reshma Sohoni, founding partner of Seedcamp, commented:

“Seedcamp was born out of a need to connect the best parts of the European tech ecosystem to build businesses that could be world-class. Since we launched, the tech scene has changed dramatically. We have multiple tech hubs that are creating multi-billion dollar businesses.

We have an influx of capital, particularly in London, with sizeable capital available that you didn’t see in 2007. We’ve had hugely successful exits. But, we have some way to go to be on the same scale as the Valley. However, Seedcamp has clearly shown that we can build big businesses based on what makes Europe great.”

The latest 15 companies (pre-seed and seed) to join the Seedcamp portfolio include:

- Alterest Investment - Investment management platform for marketplace finance

- Authentiq - Strong authentication without the passwords

- Beeline - Smart navigation for bicycles

- Buildcon - Construction management tool

- Cardlife - Subscription management platform

- Finance Fox - Insurance comparison and advice application

- Greenhouse - Cloud-based continuous integration service for mobile app developers

- Nanoget - Online rental management platform

- Open Sensors - IoT company providing public and private infrastructure for real-time data

- Repositive - Find genomic data relevant to your work, collaborate on data projects

- Rock Pamper Scissors - Discover talented stylists & salons then book online

- SwiftShift - Real-time workforce management

- ThingThing - Third-party keyboard to access and share your photos, docs and more

- Unlease - platform for flexible, medium-term sublets

- Unmanned Systems - Drone-as-a-Service (DaaS) platform

_(**Full disclosure:** Seedcamp partner Carlos Eduardo Espinal is an angel investor in

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_Image credit:_ Seedcamp / Flickr

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