Israeli startup VeganNation raises $10 million for its global marketplace for vegans

Israeli startup VeganNation raises $10 million for its global marketplace for vegans

VeganNation, the company creating the world’s first vegan ecosystem with its own VeganCoin currency, is emerging from the beta mode after closing a $10 million funding round from private investors.

With 2019 declared the year of the vegan, meat-free burgers taking over mainstream attention, and a consistent growth of the vegan community over the past years, VeganNation saw an opportunity in providing a one-stop shop to support a fully vegan lifestyle.

“This is a major milestone in uniting all environmentally conscious consumers worldwide into a nation founded on sustainable development, generosity, and kindness towards all living beings,” said Isaac Thomas, CEO and co-founder of VeganNation. “And, undoubtedly, another huge step toward successfully establishing the year of the vegan.”

The startup has created a vegan ecosystem with its own traceable digital currency and a social marketplace which includes vegan products and food sharing space. The platform uses blockchain technology to ensure a transparent supply chain and provide a designated coin to serve the community members in all their transactions using the VeganNation digital wallet.

The company that supports cruelty-free trade and promotes a vegan lifestyle and sustainable consumption was founded by four childhood friends: Isaac Thomas, Yossi Rayby, Shneor Shapira, and Nati Giant. They all joined forces to create an ecosystem designed to empower consumers to discover, share and purchase vegan. The announcement about the funding round follows the recent news of celebrity vegan activists Game of Thrones’ Jerome Flynn and Step Up dancer Jenna Dewan joining VeganNation’s advisory board.

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