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Reinventing paperwork in insurance and financial services: The no-code approach

Reinventing paperwork in insurance and financial services: The no-code approach

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Companies in financial services and insurance have been undergoing a great deal of digitisation but paperwork still remains a costly challenge. E-signatures and digital forms have only improved processes slightly but there are ways to enhance these processes to boost revenue growth and streamline the customer experience. 

There may be a glut of digital solutions available for companies out there but it’s not simply a case of just turning on some new technologies.

Sectors like finance and insurance, which are heavily regulated, require a meticulous strategy for modifying legacy systems and paperwork. That requires re-thinking processes entirely.

EasySend is an application builder that helps banks, financial services firms and insurance companies to convert traditional paperwork and PDFs into a digital journey for the customer.

It has developed a no-code platform that has been designed for all users, regardless of their technical proficiency. It makes it easier for businesses to create their own digital processes using simple drag-and-drop functions to build and display high-quality apps. 

This agile approach helps organisations, regardless of their size, with the ability to work faster and keep up with technological changes in their industry while cutting down on the time it takes to carry out day-to-day tasks and thus saving money.

In the past, organisations would have to rely on code-heavy workflows that are normally time constraining and costly.

A no-code platform has stripped things down to a user-friendly approach. It helps companies that may have smaller budgets to get in on digital progression by turning paperwork into a revenue generator.

Using the platform, companies can carry out A/B testing of different digital forms so companies can test what functions work better than others and adjust the experience. Optimisation and personalisation are key strategies to creating a good customer experience and a nimble platform like EasySend allows for quick and easy testing and deployment.

Using an API, data is inputted to a company’s systems via EasySend. Some of the functions that companies have been able to integrate into their processes using EasySend’s no-code platform include e-forms and optical character recognition for scanning and capturing data from paper forms and PDFs and robotic process automation for repetitive clerical tasks.

Companies can expect to see the effects of digitising paperwork in the costs they will save on manual processes. For example, Petplan, a pet insurance company in the US, digitised its documentation collection and saw a 15% drop in labour costs.

Deploying a no-code platform like EasySend in your organisation can reduce the time it takes to complete a customer journey – creating a more satisfying experience for the customer – and ultimately lead to savings and revenue growth for the company.

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