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So you've got an idea for a startup but no technical chops? Don't let that stop you

So you've got an idea for a startup but no technical chops? Don't let that stop you

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A startup founder may have a great idea for a product but they may not have the technical skills to bring it to life. It’s a difficult conundrum for any founder, but not an uncommon one.

There are different options to explore, all with their own pros and cons.

One option is outsourcing the development entirely. Another is finding a CTO to join the mission. Raising money to bring a team in-house is another option, but it can be quite challenging to raise money when there is no product yet. 

These are all valid ways of bringing an idea to life but it’s just one side of the coin. It is not just about building the technical aspects of the product. There must be a sound strategy behind it in order to go to market – there is another option to achieve both of those things. 

Etinx, a venture studio that help startups build their products and their companies, believes that there is a better option for founders in this situation.

It works with startups to build their MVP and rather than charge a flat fee, it offers a mix of equity and cash. 

“Technology has become a key part of go-to-market strategy,” according to Gianpaolo De Biase, the founder of Etinx. Its relationship with startups does not stop at building the product. It is passionate about facilitating entrepreneurship, helping with go-to market strategies and identifying risks and opportunities for the product as well as introducing founders to a network of investors for potential future investments. 

De Biase has developed over 20 ventures over 17 years of experience around the world and leads the senior leadership team based in Silicon Valley, Italy and Australia. Etinx approaches the building of a product not just from a solution standpoint, but it also strategizes around how technology will enable the business model.

A venture studio with a social mission, Etinx started out with the principle of providing software developers from underserved communities with opportunities to work with innovative startups.

It pairs these software developers with its own highly-experienced CTOs, and together they form the tech teams that startups need. Etinx strongly believes in the need to create access to better opportunities for aspiring coders from underserved communities. At the same time, there’s a great hunt for talent in the tech sector with high demand for skills in many of the world’s tech hubs. Etinx brings these two needs together.

Working with a venture studio like Etinx provides startups with the strategic technical know-how that they may lack in their early stages. It brings a full stack development to the process to help startups fully realise their vision. The team utilises a diverse set of tools such as React and Node.js for web applications and Java and Swift for mobile applications. It also brings expertise in blockchain technology and machine learning.

Learn more about the startups that Etinx works with and its current portfolio of companies.

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