Norwegian video meeting startup Whereby raises $12 million in Series-A funding

Norwegian video meeting startup Whereby raises $12 million in Series-A funding

Whereby, the video meeting platform that’s taking on Zoom, Microsoft, and Google, has raised $12 million in a Series-A round.

The round was funded by Point Nine as well as more than 20 angel investors including founders of companies including Miro, Typeform, GoCardless, and this other little nordic startup Spotify .

The capital is expected to power continued growth of the platform, expand the team’s headcount, and further develop product offerings.

Founded in 2013, Whereby has been powering human-centric video meetings, and has an ambitious goal of facilitating meaningful connections for 1 billion people by 2024. The platform has received numerous accolades including “easiest to use” by and “crowd favourite” by the New York Times Wirecutter.

“Last year we saw the mass adoption of video meetings,” said Christoph Janz, Partner at Point Nine. “Now it’s about taking the user experience to the next level and Whereby will be leading that charge.”

While Zoom might be focused on business meetings, Whereby goes the extra mile and allows users to embed Google Docs, Trello, and Miro directly into their meetings, ultimately saving a lot of alt/tabbing, and bringing us as close to that in-the-same-room feeling as you can get. Without having to fiddle with the heating or opening a window.

“Zoom fatigue is real and for those that appreciate beautiful design and advanced security, Whereby is the place to work and communicate. Øyvind and the team have realised that the future of meetings, be it over video or otherwise, is about putting the human connection first,” comments Twenty Minute VC founder Harry Stebbings.

Editor's note: Whereby has been my go-to platform when I’ve hosted meetings. I find the design to be appealing, easy to use, and best feature of all - end meeting. There’s no lag and awkward screen drag or silence. Simply click, bang, gone. Now for about that beer that’s chilling ...

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