Amsterdam-based social meeting platform Mibo raises €1 million in round led by Peak Capital

Amsterdam-based social meeting platform Mibo raises €1 million in round led by Peak Capital

Dutch social meeting platform Mibo has raised €1 million in a fresh funding round led by Amsterdam-based Peak Capital.

The company is reporting that the new capital will be used to further develop the platform, fuel international growth, and built out partnerships. These partnerships include platform integrations and custom third-party designed social experiences. And as with every rapidly expanding startup, Mibo is also looking to bolster the headcount, particularly in the areas of marketing, customer success, data, and sales.

"From the first moment I was talking to the Mibo team, when they just reached out for advice, I knew they were onto something special," comments Peak Capital managing partner Stefan Bary. "They didn't have any numbers at that moment, but everything VCs want to see is in place: immediate appeal of the product to the audience, high adoption, possibilities for viral growth and an interesting platform to build services and experiences on top of. And the team has proven to be able to execute on all of that very fast."

Launched in October 2020, Mibo is a video chat platform specifically designed to party. 🥳 To be fair, the company describes itself as a "team drinks, social mixers and networking events," platform.

Mibo combines videoconferencing and walking around in a 3D world. Not groundbreaking, sure, but .... when you toss in the audio experience, the game changes. Mibo allows users to walk around with audio intensities varying based on proximity. In other words, just like the real world.

Where other video chat platforms have fallen short, Mibo adds the ability to literally eavesdrop into a conversation. And this is all done within a browser window, with no need for additional VR hardware.

To date, Mibo counts Microsoft, Google, Netflix, Disney, Nike, Warner Bros, and Unicef as paying customers.

"Having built and worked with many remote teams, we know the pain of trying to have informal gatherings or fun activities remotely", says CEO and co-founder Taco Ekkel. "Zoom and other business videoconferencing tools simply aren't built for informal group gatherings. That's why we've built Mibo: to help teams get together in a way that feels human, social, and fun."

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