Takin’ it to the streets: PreSeed Now seeks to connect early-stage investors with the UK’s best startups

13-year tech veteran Martin SFP Bryant is shining a light on some of the UK's most promising startups and offering them their first taste of media exposure while placing them front and centre before pre-seed investors.
Takin’ it to the streets: PreSeed Now seeks to connect early-stage investors with the UK’s best startups

Launching today and curated by 13-year tech journalist veteran Martin SFP Bryant, the PreSeed Now publication is designed to spotlight some of Britain’s most promising deep tech and B2B startups.

Hitting the streets every Tuesday and Thursday, Bryant’s newsletter will offer early-stage investors and other industry players an in-depth profile of emerging UK-based companies that have yet to raise any funding and often received little to no media exposure. The goal is to put these companies front and centre before pre-seed investors, helping them source deals, as well as make a blip on the collective radars of later-stage investors.

Martin SFP Bryant

“The tech press tends not to cover startups at their earliest stages,” says Bryant. “This is understandable; in a world where big-money VC funding deals are announced every day, there are more than enough startups who have proven themselves newsworthy to keep journalists busy. But the early-stage part of the tech industry deserves to be documented as it’s where every startup’s journey begins, and there are so many compelling ideas being tried”.

Leveraging his vast network assembled over some 13 years, including his time as editor-in-chief with our friends over at The Next Web, and support of emerging startups in the north of England via Tech North, Bryant will personally vet each startup, ensuring their credibility and viability.

“This newsletter’s sweet spot is companies that have moved beyond an idea on the back of a napkin but are yet to raise external equity investment,” explains Bryant. “The first companies we’ll cover are founded by people with strong experience in the field they’re addressing or are building on top of their own academic research and development. They’ve started to build their product, and often have their first customers or external partners” Startups involved in high-quality programmes like Entrepreneur First, ConceptionX, and Ignite NI are among those featured in early issues.”

Conception X CEO Dr. Riam Kanso will be joining us live on stage at the Tech.eu Summit in Brussels this May 17th. Tickets are on sale now.

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