Upholding Blake’s credo, Demoboost helps sales pros close more deals faster

When David Mamet penned the now infamous monologue centered around one simple phrase, “Always be closing”, little could he have known that he would influence the ideology of an industry for years to come.
Upholding Blake’s credo, Demoboost helps sales pros close more deals faster

Warsaw-based Demoboost has raised €1.7 million in a pre-seed round aimed at further accelerating the company’s product development and aggressive global expansion efforts. The platform aids presales, sales, marketing, and customer success teams to, “shorten sales cycles and double deal win rates.”

With the SaaS industry expected to climb to $10 trillion by 2030 according to McKinsey, buyers are expecting to have access to relevant product information fast, if not immediately. However, according to the CMSWIRE State of Digital Customer Experience 2021 report, only 11% of digital customer experience executives believe their digital customer experience tools are “working well,” and 42% think their tools “need work.”

While demos are an effective tool to inform prospects and help convert them into paying customers, the demo creation process has become a major bottleneck in the sales process for vendors. 

This bottleneck has resulted in presales teams - the people who create and deliver demos - being extremely stretched. In so much, Demoboost offers these teams an automated process to create said demos. 

Offering a demo library from which presales teams can create, customise and leverage presentations, Demoboost claims to dramatically reduce waiting times for demos and facilitating better lead generation, deal conversion, and product adoption. 

“Our team knows the challenges of buying and selling software firsthand. We sold together as a vendor-partner team for Salesforce for years before starting Demoboost,” explained Demoboost co-founder and CEO Pawel Jaszczurowski. “We have worked on and closed dozens of deals, experiencing the vendor partner-customer dynamic up close. Demoboost addresses the disconnect between the growing expectations of buyers and the capacity of vendors to keep up. Our answer is to help companies supercharge demos.”

Demoboost’s €1.7 million in a pre-seed round was led by btov Partners with Movens Capital and a number of undisclosed European angel investors.

On the investment btov Partners’ Andreas Goeldi commented, “It is rare for a startup at such a young stage to have a product that works so well and is already being used by so many great companies. That’s a testament not only to the founders’ vision but also to their ability to execute. We are confident Demoboost will be a category-defining company.”

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