Sweden's Done says job done on €630k for its vetted home repair job marketplace

Company eyes profitability in Sweden on the back of the fresh fundraise, and also expects to launch its repair job marketplace internationally.
Sweden's Done says job done on €630k for its vetted home repair job marketplace

Swedish vetted home repair and improvement job marketplace Done has secured a fundraise of 7 million Swedish koruna (€628,900), courtesy of the state-owned venture capital firm Almi Invest, says local tech news source Digital.

Done's founding duo Malin Granlund (CEO) and Alek Åström (product manager) believe you should no longer have to play roulette when choosing a tradesperson to work in your home.

Quality control of electricians and plumbers generally means scanning online reviews. When the job doesn't go to plan things rapidly deteriorate.

Mind it's the same for the tradesperson. Customers who fail to pay, or go 'rogue' on what was supposed to be itemised work, pose a recurring challenge.

Done has entered the Swedish market in a bid to connect what it describes as "quality assured" craftsmen and women whose work has been evaluated in one of its five Swedish operating markets: in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Örebro, and Umeå & Uppsala.

In addition to pre-vetting, Done's smartphone app has an embedded video calling function to connect tradespeople with the prospective customer, allowing them to see the job at hand, offering a likely quote for repairs.

After the agreement, an invoice is generated detailing the itinerary of works. An instant messaging channel is also provided should the customer or service provider have any queries.

Post-fundraise, Done wants to prepare the business for an expansion into foreign markets before 2023-end, while also achieving profitability in its core Swedish business. 

The startup has been around since 2019, running from its Stockholm headquarters.

Crunchbase reckons it has taken on north of $740,000 in funding, and has listed the Almi Invest fundraise though the final sum might not be included in that figure.

In late-2019, Nordic 9 revealed Done obtained $350,000 from investors including angels Johan Rosendahl and Magnus Agervald. Incubator VC Antler, of which Done is an alum, also participated in the 2019 round.

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