These are the fastest-growing open-source startups in Europe in Q1 2023

According to Runa Capital's ROSS Index, it's been a busy quarter for French open-source startups, with three out of the top five hailing from Paris. This and more, let's dig in!
These are the fastest-growing open-source startups in Europe in Q1 2023

Extracted from Runa Capital’s ROSS Index, a quarterly analysis of the top open-source startups ranked by the annualised growth rate (AGR) of GitHub stars at their repositories and based on Github stars growth of their repositories, these are the top 10 fastest-growing open-source startups in Europe in Q1 2023.

1. Sismo - A Paris-based software development startup that issues ZK badges for reputation aggregation and privacy-preserving access control and enables users to aggregate their digital identities and selectively reveal data derived from their web2 or web3 accounts.

2. Nebuly - This Turin-based startup promises to help others “unleash the power of optimization and make your AI systems thrive with performance”.

3. Massa Labs - Another Parisian startup, Massa Labs is working on a cryptocurrency ecosystem designed for mass adoption and using Blockclique architecture to withstand thousands of transactions per second, while staying secure and fully decentralised.

4. Lago - This Paris-founded startup is backed by Y Combinator and working on an “open source billing API for product-led SaaS”.

5. Qdrant - Based in Berlin, Qdrant is a vector similarity search engine and vector database. It deploys as an API service providing search for the nearest high-dimensional vectors. Embeddings or neural network encoders can be turned into full-fledged applications for matching, searching, recommending, and according to the company - more.

6. Zitadel - Hailing from St. Gallen, Switzerland, Zitadel offers “everything developers need” to incorporate identity management.

7. Snapshot Labs - Belgium’s Snapshot Labs is an off-chain gasless multi-governance tool for crypto projects to poll their user bases.

8. NextCloud - Just down the road from the Porsche headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany, you’ll find NextCloud, a startup working on a suite of client-server software for creating and using file hosting services.

9. Serverpod - Calling Stockholm home, Serverpod is a scalable app server, written in Dart for the Flutter community.

To view the entire report, including non-European startups' ranking, head over to the Runa Open Source Startup (ROSS) Index.

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