Getir takeover talks close as Flink investors reportedly deliver €150 million

With talks of a European dominance takeover bid from Getir circulating, fast delivery grocery Flink is reportedly walking away from the table, for now, and is punting for profitability.
Getir takeover talks close as Flink investors reportedly deliver €150 million

According to a report first filed by Handelsblatt, Berlin-based fast grocery service, Flink has raked in €150 million from existing investors including German supermarket giant Rewe at €50 million and Doordash at €30 million.

At present, the company is reportedly still in negotiations with potential new investors to further up the number as Flink gives it a go to reach profitability. 

According to Handelsblatt’s remains one of the last major players to stand in Istabdul-based competitor Getir, but that talks have been discontinued without a result. So for now, Getir is held at bay from achieving a seeming monopoly in the space pan-European, however, Flink and Getir investor Mubadala “remains interested” in the merger of the two players.

While we’ve seen the rapid and sometimes staggering consolidation of the once-the-darling-of-live-at-the-office-experience era investors, rapid delivery grocery service space, it should come as no surprise that Handelsblatt reports that the €150 million round, which would either be a Series C (doubtful) or Venture (more likely - but is anyone really counting at this point?), would also see the valuation of Flink, once at an all-time high of $3 billion, drop to $1 billion.

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