Kids pre-loved clothing platform Swoperz gets some love with £250,000

The London-based start-up has secured new funding to 'build a robust, scalable platform that is a safe, online-verified environment for the next generation'
Kids pre-loved clothing platform Swoperz gets some love with £250,000

Swapping clothes with your family and friends is nothing new, sure, we have all been wearing someone else's hand-me-downs at some point in our lives - but now with the invention of the internet we can swap our clothes with complete strangers too! While this is a brilliant idea, we all know the perils of the internet, particularly for kids. Luckily two savvy parents, Charlene Hurlock and Vicky Fuller, came up with a cracking idea to allow their kids safely swap their pre-loved clothes with other kids via a secure platform - Swoperz

Swoperz, a pre-loved children’s clothing marketplace, is a subscription-based platform allows children aged 6-16 to swap clothes in a verified environment, with oversight from their caregiver.

And today it has announced it has raised £250,000, from Jenson Funding Partners, which will be used 'to further build a robust, scalable platform that is a safe, online-verified environment for the next generation'. 

“We want our kids to be in control of their fashion, but also environmentally conscious in their choices. This is why we’ve created Swoperz. Swoperz gives children safe access to a huge range of age appropriate, preloved clothing so they can showcase their style every day. Parents can also feel safe in the knowledge that the platform is fully verified and controlled by them. Our platform can help parents budget better with ever-changing clothing requests from children, get kids excited about saving the planet, and instil a sense of responsibility and empowerment through our token system. We want to help children build positive, sustainable consumption habits whilst growing the circular economy and never compromising on their individuality,” says Hurlock and Fuller.

Swoperz has partnered with TrustElevate, which provides a secure, accurate and private function for child age verification and parental consent. 

“Swoperz is a sustainable solution that is having a positive impact on the environment by decreasing overconsumption of clothes, an industry that is notoriously wasteful. It’s also empowering children to express themselves through style, which is amazing to see. When children have so much independence in other aspects of their lives, such as by owning their own bank card or purchasing products online, it only makes sense that Charlene and Vicky have created a safe environment for children to enjoy clothes without breaking their parents’ budgets, or putting further strain on our planet,” says Sarah Barber, CEO of Jenson Funding Partners. 

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