Italy’s Planckian has raised €2.7 million to develop quantum batteries

The joint spinoff from the University of Pisa and Scuola Normale Superiore wants to redefine energy technologies and leave electrochemistry in the past.
Italy’s Planckian has raised €2.7 million to develop quantum batteries

Pisa-based startup Planckian has raised over €2.7 million in a pre-seed funding round aimed at developing solid-state energy technology governed by quantum mechanics.

The company’s pre-seed round was led by Eureka! Venture, with CDP Venture, Exor Ventures, and undisclosed angel investors participating.

When it comes to the practical and commercial benefits of quantum physics, computing, sensing, and communication have taken the lead over the past decade. In fact, I’d argue that when the word quantum enters a conversation, the vast majority of us instantly skip right ahead to fill in the rest of that phrase with either “computing” or “mechanics”.

If you’ve been playing along at home, you’ll surely recognise that one of the underpinning principles of quantum technologies is the all-elusive qubit. The two-state (or two-level) quantum-mechanical system has a low-energy level state and a high-energy level state. Note the word “energy” in this definition.

Based on over a decade of research, in Planckian’s architecture, quantum effects can be harnessed so that qubits can reach their high-energy levels  “collectively”.  In doing so, this process could very well pave the way for the creation and adoption of sustainable energy technologies that are ruled by quantum mechanics rather than classical principles, such as electrochemistry. 

And they’re first starting with batteries, where particles therein could theoretically store energy and remain in the device indefinitely.

“Interest in the new frontiers of quantum physics, particularly in the field of so-called quantum thermodynamics, and the study of unconventional properties of quantum materials, has never been so strong,” said Planckian’s CSO and co-founder Marco Polini. “We believe the time has come  to develop new technologies for energy management that can exploit the unique properties of quantum mechanics." 

Vittorio Giovannetti, executive scientific advisor and co-founder at Planckian added, "We consider this to be a challenging and ambitious endeavor, for which we are pleased to benefit from the support of a  global community of scientists and innovators.”

While the project might seem a bit left field at present, Eureka! Fund’s Anna Amti and Massimo Gentili argue, “Planckian is working towards a new approach in artificial atom manipulation that combine in a fascinating way quantum mechanics with the latest progress in the fields of thermodynamics. With its recognised scientific excellence and expertise in deep technologies, Planckian’s leadership is uniquely positioned to bring significative advancements in quantum technologies”.  

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