Cowboy goes Dutch with its latest e-bike, the Cruiser

The Belgian e-bike company has launched it latest bike today, with a new more comfortable riding style and an increased gear ratio
Cowboy goes Dutch with its latest e-bike, the Cruiser

Belgian e-bike company Cowboy has launched a new bike, the Cruiser - an answer to the request for a Dutch styled bike.

“It was basically the request of the riders, they wanted to have better navigation – but also a more comfortable riding position on the Classic,” says Tanguy Goretti, co-founder of Cowboy.

Interestingly, Goretti told us that it was mostly men who requested this change in the position. 

The cruiser’s handlebars are curved, the rider sits in a more upright position, like that Dutch riding position, and for those who like a little extra width down below, the saddle has been redesigned to make it wider and more comfortable. The gearing has also had a wee shift too, making this bike a more relaxing ride with an increased gear ratio. 

“We are quite excited about this one as we believe it is going to be, pretty quickly, 30% of sales, if we get the stats on the surveys we did,” he says. “We believe that in Amsterdam it will be super successful.”

New curved handlebars on the Cowboy Cruiser

It also contains all the other features the Classic (the new name for the C4) has like wireless charging phone mount so riders can use the Cowboy app while riding. 

The new bike is priced at the ‘introductory’ price of £2,690, bearing in mind the company announced lately that it will be putting up the prices of its bikes ‘soon’ - it says the reason for this is so it ‘can continue to innovate in the cutting-edge technology that makes Cowboy unique’. 

Will we be seeing new colour updates on this model, like the ones on the Classic earlier this year? "It was actually quite surprising - these new colours on the Cowboy 4XT, they were super successful, but for the Cruiser it is going to be black and tan, the classic Cowboy colours," says Goretti. 

And speaking of updates, while we had Goretti, it would be remiss of us not to ask for an update on the ongoing patent infringement issues that French firm eBikeLabs has accused Cowboy of. "We don't really have any update, there is a process in progress, nothing has changed. We are denying all the claims they have and we'll see how it goes," he says.

To date Cowboy has sold over 50,000 bikes and with over 1 million rides per month completed it claims that’s a combined saving of over 8.2 million tonnes of CO2 to date - with all this riding going on, and people using the streets for cycling rather than driving, Goretti is delighted to see "the people taking back control of the city and taking back control of where they live."

"The dream would be to see that movement coming from the Cowboy community," he adds, 

Main Image: Cowboy Cruiser 

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