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Back to the obvious: Why startups need to get back to basics

Leaders from the European startup and venture capital communities will gather at the Project A Knowledge Conference on 11 October 2023 in Berlin to discuss the future of the industry.
Back to the obvious: Why startups need to get back to basics

From downturn to recovery

Covid-19, the war in Ukraine, the economic downturn, layoffs - the startup scene has been shaken up lately. Many are asking: has the bubble burst? Or is this a natural pause after years of unhealthy growth and unsustainable valuations?

Venture capital firm Project A Ventures is once again hosting its annual Knowledge Conference in Berlin on 11 October 2023 to discuss these very questions with leading investors, founders, startup operators and industry experts. How does healthy consolidation happen and what do investors and startup teams need to do better now?

A way out of the crisis

Many of the crises we're experiencing - globally and in our industry - were actually predictable. But most people ignored the red flags. The only way out of the crisis is to overcome our tendency to believe something just because it sounds attractive, no matter how unlikely. That was the problem with idolising those who made bold assumptions. Challenging the status quo and setting bold goals is excellent. But the bold assumptions often become an end in themselves and serve the wrong purpose: to make things sound the way the person making them wants them to sound. 

Why the obvious should not be ignored

The Knowledge Conference sees itself as a "reality check", pointing out truths that are so obvious that we have simply ignored them until now.

Here are some examples of the 'obvious' issues the conference will address:

  • AI will kill jobs for content writers, but it doesn't have to lead to unemployment.
  • It's been decades and most companies still haven't solved attribution.
  • Accept that you have to "sell" and start selling right.
  • Can you explain your product in three sentences that your mum can understand?

Beyond that, the big questions will be addressed: What key lessons should startups learn from the crisis? Do investors need to question themselves? How can Europe become a technology driver rather than a constant brake? And how does this fit in with our sustainability and social responsibility goals?

In short, how can the industry grasp the obvious and put the fundamentals of success back into practice?

1,500 on-site guests, 120 speakers, 70 sessions

To discuss these questions, present new approaches, and demonstrate best practices, Project A brings together 120 speakers, from founders to investors to those building and scaling start-ups at an operational level. Together with 1,500 guests, they will rethink in inspiring sessions and networking events the fundamentals of the industry under the influence of topics such as artificial intelligence, deep tech, data, sustainability and many more.

If you are interested in innovation, venture capital and modern entrepreneurship, if you are ready to share insights and experiences, and if you are ready to learn off the beaten track, Project A Knowledge Conference is not to be missed. 

Take a look at last year's conference and get your ticket here.

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