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How long should you stay in a new job when it's not working out?

We're looking at how to increase job satisfaction, when to consider a career change, and the impact of job-hopping.
How long should you stay in a new job when it's not working out?

Despite what your social media feeds might have you believe, not everyone is jumping out of bed in the morning and firing up their laptop with a beaming grin on their face. 

Most people don’t love every second of their job, especially in the settling-in period, and even the most exciting careers have their share of tedious tasks. 

However if a negative outlook towards work persistently outweighs the positive — or even neutral — it may be time to make a change.

Before making a rash decision, it can be less disruptive if you improve your current position first. If motivational speaker Marcus Buckingham’s adage that ‘people leave managers, not companies’ rings true for you, see if you can switch teams or departments. 

Rehearse your exit interview and use this exercise as a chance to identify things that could be changed proactively to increase your happiness at work.

No going back

If you reach a dead end, and you’re sure you want to bolt, how long should you stay for?

Different experts have varying opinions on the minimum amount of time you should stay in a new job, and it varies from industry to industry. 

After professional services — which includes the big four — tech and media have the second-highest instances of employee turnover at 12.9 percent annually.

It makes sense that in cities and hubs where many tech companies operate, it is more common to see shorter tenures on CVs. However, with remote working so common and opportunities broader, it’s never been easier to job-hop.

It’s healthy and admirable to try new things, and once you can diplomatically and positively explain your learnings from a short stint at an organisation, a hiring manager is unlikely to be too hesitant. 

But beware: a string of short stays at different companies can be a red flag. If this sounds like you, do some deep work on your values, strengths, and the kind of work you find fulfilling before making another change. 

Inspired to look for something new? There are lots of companies actively recruiting right now, visit the Job Board to see what’s on offer, or start with the three below. 

Cloud Solutions Architect (m/f/d), KPIT Technologies GmbH, Munich

KPIT Technologies is an Indian multinational focused on automotive and mobility tech with development centres in Europe, the US, Japan, and China. Currently hiring a Cloud Solutions Architect for its Munich base, the role involves designing and creating scalable solutions in Azure or AWS technologies. The successful candidate will immerse themselves in the overall needs of the company and will develop strategies and tactics to support business goals with industry trends in mind. Read more about this role here. 

Data Analysis - Product Performance Associate, Western Union, Madrid

Western Union is seeking a Data Analysis - Product Performance Associate to work across its pan-European ecosystem. The successful associate will identify trends and insights to inform product optimisation strategies, conduct market research and monitor industry trends. Collaboration with the Product Management Team is central to this role, as is working with cross-functional teams, including product, marketing, and technology teams in identifying and prioritising product enhancements. Excellent written and spoken English and Spanish are essential. Apply for this position today.

Technical Director of Frontend Development, Accenture, Berlin

Help shape the future of frontend development working across innovative projects for top companies in the automotive industry, with Accenture. Currently advertising for a Technical Director of Frontend Development, the leading organisation is seeking someone to manage a talented team of developers, guiding and empowering them to produce world-class digital projects. Involvement in every phase of the software lifecycle with an emphasis on product transformation will be key to delivering cutting-edge solutions in this Berlin-based role. See more about this job here.

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