Orbem raises €30M to expand AI-powered imaging in food, construction, and medical sectors

Orbem, a German deeptech firm, uses AI-powered MRI technology for scanning biological samples in various sectors. The startup has raised €30 million in Series A funding.
Orbem raises €30M to expand AI-powered imaging in food, construction, and medical sectors

German deeptech firm Orbem is using AI-powered MRI technology to scan biological samples in food, construction and medical environments. For example, the non-invasive technology has been used to sex eggs. The culling of male-day-old chicks has been outlawed in some EU countries, and in-ovo sexing prevents this practice.

The same technology can be used in the agri sector to test for the viability of growing crops, or in the construction section to check the structural integrity of biodegradable materials.

The Munich-based startup raised €30 million in Series A funding. The round was led by 83North and included existing investors The Venture Collective, Possible Ventures, and Dr. Rüdiger Schmidt and new investor La Famiglia. The round also includes investment from many of Germany’s entrepreneurs, included in the line-up are Hanno Renner, Roman Schumacher, Jonas Rieke, Rubin Ritter, Michael Wax, Erik Muttersbach, Dr. Michael Ardelt, Dr. Alexander Hüttenbrink, Dr. Oliver Trinchera, and Bastian Nominacher.

“Our mission is to unleash AI-powered imaging for everything and everyone. We believe this is the best way to carry out our core purpose of shedding light on the world’s toughest challenges. With 30 million EUR in funding, we will have the utmost flexibility to realise our vision of deploying AI-powered imaging to sustainably address global food security, accelerate the transition to a green economy, and transform disease detection," says Dr. Pedro Gómez, co-founder and CEO of Orbem.

"The era of digitisation, groundbreaking technological innovation, and the AI revolution present a golden opportunity for companies to solve real-world challenges and establish solid independent businesses. Orbem has harnessed AI to industrialize MRI technology, unlocking the potential to revolutionize food production, expedite the transition toward a sustainable economy, and enhance disease detection. It is a great pleasure joining this amazing crew on a journey to a better world," says Gil Goren, General Partner at 83North.

Lead image: via Orbem. Photo: Uncredited.

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