Kvanted Ventures launches €70M fund for nordic industrialtech startups

Kvanted Ventures, the first pure-play industrial tech investor in the Nordics, launches a €70 million fund to support early-stage startups in Northern Europe, aiming to transform the industrial value chain.
Kvanted Ventures launches €70M fund for nordic industrialtech startups

Kvanted Ventures, a Helsinki-based new entry in the early-stage venture capital firm arena, has announced the launch of its inaugural fund, a substantial €70 million investment vehicle, with a singular focus on nurturing industrial technology startups in Northern Europe. 

The firm intends to invest in approximately 20 companies, offering ticket sizes ranging between €500,000 and €3 million. In line with its focus on the industrial domain, a sector that traditionally involves prolonged development cycles, Kvanted says that it will offer founders a longer-than-average investment term.

Pure play

According to the firm, Kvanted is the first pure-play industrial technology investor in the Nordic region and is aiming to position itself as one of the premier accelerators of a new industrial future.

Kvanted founding partner Maria Wasastjerna shares:

“There has been no early-stage investor like Kvanted in the Nordic market and we are responding to this demand with an industrial technology fund. Our goal is to quickly grow into the leading early-stage investor in the Nordics for technology companies that are transforming the industrial value chain.”

The firm has already placed investments from its inaugural fund in Fractory, an Estonian company improving the metalwork production chain, and Resoniks, a Dutch-Finnish startup developing acoustic analysis for metal companies.

On partnering with Kvanted, Fractory co-founder and CEO Marin Vares commented:

"Kvanted understands exactly what we are doing. The team's broad industry experience and unique networks provide us with exceptional access to new growth opportunities. 

“Kvanted is the best possible strategic partnership for Fractory at this stage. With Kvanted's support, we are excited to continue helping companies in Finland and beyond grow with our solution.”

Lead image: the Kvanted team. Photo: Uncredited.

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