Making mealtime safer, Inspectle Foods forks €400,000

Tallinn-based Inspectle Food's platform streamlines food inspections, reduces costs and waste, and ensures safer food for consumers.
Making mealtime safer, Inspectle Foods forks €400,000

As a sizeable portion of the global population prepares for the upcoming holiday season, the gathering together of friends and family and sharing of a meal or two or several is undoubtedly on the agenda for many.

With good tidings and good cheer foremost, the health and safety of the food set out before us is rarely a thought. Until it’s not. 

In Europe alone, approximately 1,154 food and beverage recalls were recorded in Q1 2023, and according to the World Health Organisation an estimated 600 million experience what’s commonly known as food poisoning every year, 420,000 of which cases are fatal. 

Looking to combat these statistics, namely through the management of non-conforming food, is Tallinn-based startup Inspectle Food. 

Replacing the legacy

Now armed with €400,000 in Pre-Seed funding, Inspectle is taking on an age-old process that often involves Word documents and Excel spreadsheets, replacing it with a B2B SaaS offering that helps food production employees streamline the process of pulling potentially dangerous foods off the production line before they make it to your plate.

Through its automated tracking and assigning of non-conformities, Inspectle says it’s seen proven results with clients including Lallemand and Saarioinen, resulting in elevated hygiene standards, reductions of both costs and food waste, and additional peace of mind for the end consumer.

In addition to making foods safer and reducing costs for producers, on the administrative end, Inspectle can generate British Retail Consortium (BRC), IFC, and FSSC-compliant reports.

Europe and the US

Tallinn’s Change Ventures led the round with founding partner Rait Ojasaar commenting:

“Food safety impacts us all, and even more so, it impacts the producers. For them, being able to streamline food safety inspections is not just a matter of checking the boxes; their reputation and even their license to operate depend on it. 

"Inspectle Food's inspection platform provides producers with the painkiller they've all been waiting for.”

In addition to Change Ventures’ lead, Inspectle’s €400,000 Pre-Seed round also saw the participation of Firstpick and Heartfelt_.

As for putting the investment to work, Inspectle Food CEO and co-founder Kaspar Mooses offered:

“We’ve been glad to receive feedback from users which exceeds even our own expectations and are thus keen to expand the business across Europe and the US!"

Lead image: Inspectle Food co-founders Kaspar Mooses, Oliver Pappel, and Sander Meister (left to right). Photo: Uncredited.

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