Tapped by WB for the Barbie Selfie Generator social media campaign, Photoroom raises $43M in Series B round

Parisian startup, Photoroom, secures $43 million in Series B funding to enhance its AI-powered photo editing capabilities. The app, downloaded over 150 million times, is popular among brands including Warner Bros and Wolt.
Tapped by WB for the Barbie Selfie Generator social media campaign, Photoroom raises $43M in Series B round

Photoroom, a Parisian startup leveraging AI to put results traditionally reserved for skilled photo editors in the hands of any and all, has closed a $43 million Series B funding round.

Led by existing investor Balderton Capital, the round welcomed the participation of new investor Aglaé and saw continued support from YCombinator. Founded in early 2019, Photoroom has now raised approximately $64 million.

In stark contrast to the “we’ve added AI to our feature lineup” craze engaged by just about every company, service, or entity you can think of, many of whom build upon models trained externally, Photoroom has to the training from scratch and intends to use the new capital to accelerate its innovation in generative AI.

According to the company, this expansion of its model capabilities requires investing in more GPUs and securing imagery from leading image providers and photographers.

The announcement arrives in tandem with Photoroom’s launch of its first foundation model specifically designed to champion product photography, Photoroom Instant Diffusion (Photoroom ID). 

Photoroom ID is trained to master product photography, ensuring that images from different sources look consistently styled, as if shot in the same setting.

Photoroom co-founder and CEO Matthieu Rouif elaborates:

“The foundation model is the next step in empowering businesses to create amazing product photos without the need to be an expert at prompt engineering or photography. 

“Our model has been trained to excel at product photography and can quickly adapt to user needs and feedback.

“We are not only increasing the speed of our model, but also optimising for quality, through higher resolution, more detailed images, and a larger training dataset than ever before.”

To date, Photoroom has been downloaded more than 150 million times worldwide, ranked as the sixth most popular generative AI product as per data gathered in June 2023, and counts brands including Warner Bros., Wolt, and Poshmark amongst its client base.

As part of Warner Bros. Barbie the Movie social media campaign, the Hollywood giant decided to leverage Photoroom's AI-powered photo editing API. Photoroom provided WB with a high-quality and instant solution to remove backgrounds from UGC, resulting in Barbie Movie posters being shared more than 13 million times on social media.

Cameron Curtis, EVP of Worldwide Digital Marketing at Warner Bros. shared: 

“Photoroom shattered all expectations. Its unparalleled ease of use became the catalyst for propelling the Barbie Selfie Generator into the digital spotlight, and captivating audiences worldwide.”

Lead image: The Photoroom team

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