Rocsys partners with Autocar to pilot hands-free tractor charging

Having secured its first pilot order, Rocsys will hone its AI vision-enabled plug-in to achieve a 99 per cent accuracy rate.
Rocsys partners with Autocar to pilot hands-free tractor charging

Netherlands-based hands-free charging provider Rocsys is partnering with Autocar to maximise the efficiency of Autocar’s electric tractor fleet by removing humans from the charging process.

Though plug-in might seem a miniscule aspect of tractor operations, Rocsys’ research has found definitive enhancements in fleet productivity and sustainability, as well as reduced wear and tear of cables, by ensuring that electric vehicles are always on charge when not being driven.

Rocsys uses computer vision and soft robotics to plug in the vehicle when drivers park alongside the robotic charging station. Improving EV efficiency has a particular impact on cargo transport and the alliance marks an industry first deployment of hands-free charged EV trucks at distribution centres, inland ports and other logistics facilities.

The partnership has already secured an unnamed pilot order from an Autocar National Account customer for support of its logistics operations.

Andrew Taitz, Chairman of Autocar, described the decision as “pivotal”. 

“This collaboration underscores our commitment to staying at the forefront of EV adoption and providing our customers with a broad range of powertrain solutions to support their specific needs.

“Providing hands-free charging for Autocar customers means they won’t have to piecemeal charging solutions together when they purchase EV trucks from us; all they need will come in one package.”

Crucially for Rocsys, operational deployment allows developers to fine-tune the product's computer vision and the company aims to use footage and images collected to work towards a 99% successful plug-in rate. Interoperability is also a key aspect of their offering and hands-free systems are compatible with all major charging ports.

University of Exter research finds EV sales will increase at least sixfold by 2030, dominating the car market.

Crijn Bouman, CEO and Co-founder of Rocsys, said:

"We're thrilled to collaborate with Autocar in providing our hands-free charging solutions for their electric vehicles.

Autocar's dedication to innovation and sustainability aligns perfectly with our vision of safer, efficient, and more seamless e-mobility, making them the ideal partner as we explore the potential of hands-free charging for ports and distribution centres."

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