Satellite imaging for real-time crisis info: Kuva Space awarded €1.8M contract

The Finnish spacetech won the NATO Innovation Challenge last year.
Satellite imaging for real-time crisis info: Kuva Space awarded €1.8M contract

Kuva Space has been awarded €1.8M to join the ESA’s Civil Security from Space Program to provide data from space about crisis events.

The Finnish hyperspectral satellite and analytics company was awarded the contract to participate in the European Space Agency’s Civil Security from Space program to provide advanced situational awareness for monitoring and mitigating security and crisis events.

Together with the Finnish authorities, the company aims to provide automatic detection of marine vessels using hyperspectral imaging and its advanced AI platform, creating an alert in case of no Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) signal from the vessel. Having the AIS or the RF signal turned off raises suspicion that the vessel is involved in criminal activity. 

Kuva Space currently collects and stores the spectral signatures of the vessel for rediscovery attempts and future acquisition.

Within the three-year R&D program, Kuva Space will test and develop on-board hyperspectral data processing, Sat-to-Sat, and Sat-to-IoT mobile communication, demonstrated with a field study with the Finnish authorities, dedicated to enhancing border surveillance by detecting and rediscovering illegal activities along the Baltic Sea area between Finland, Estonia, and Sweden.

‌The Civil Security from Space program aims to foster the use of spaceborne solutions to act swiftly to support humanitarian responses, law enforcement, safety, and emergency events anywhere, at any time.

In 2023, Kuva Space was awarded a €5M commercial contract to be the sole provider of hyperspectral data services for the EU Copernicus program, and the company won the NATO Innovation Challenge for its AI-driven analytics for enhanced Arctic monitoring capabilities.

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