3T Software Labs acquires Robomongo for undisclosed amount

3T Software Labs, makers of Studio 3T, has acquired Robomongo, an open source MongoDB tool, from Paralect. The terms of the deal were not disclosed.

According to Berlin-based 3T Software Labs, more than 100,000 developers and database administrators use its Studio 3T product to manage MongoDB projects. This includes large companies such as Tesla, Microsoft, and Nike. 3T added that existing Robomongo users will continue to receive support but the product will soon undergo a name change unrelated to this deal.

“Having the leading commercial and open source MongoDB tools under the same roof will help accelerate the progress of the overall ecosystem, benefiting everyone involved,” said 3T cofounder Tomasz Naumowicz. “Most of our professional users start out as enthusiasts on Robomongo so developing the tools in parallel will make that transition a lot easier.”

A team of developers from Paralect will be working with 3T over the next year to facilitate the handover of Robomongo.

“Given the success of Robomongo and the support it has received from the open source community across the world we wanted to ensure that it had the resources and leadership to develop further,” said Paralect’s Dmitry Schetnikovich. “We’ve known the guys at 3T for over two years and get on really well with them. I trust them to do the right thing for the community, making them the natural choice for the next stage of Robomongo’s development.”

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