London-based healthtech startup Cera, which seeks to connect patients and carers, has raised £1.3 million.

Investors included David Buttress, the CEO of JustEat; angel investor Arnie Sriskandarajah; Tim Jackson of Lean Investments; and Thomas Zeltner, the former vice-chair of the World Health Organization.

Cera says it is responding to a crisis in caring for the elderly, by providing access to carers “on-demand”. The startup aims to match patients and carers to provide help within four hours, and is launching across the UK, according to the Telegraph.

“As someone who has sought care for a family member, I believe that the best home for seniors is their own. Our aim is to create a digital doorway to the over 65s, and curate services with partners to help them live more independently,” co-founder and doctor Ben Maruthappu said in a statement published in Tech City News. “In addition to rolling out partnerships with councils and hospitals, we are actively looking at other avenues including retail, food delivery and wearables, and how we might be able integrate them with our healthcare technology.”

“It can be a real struggle, and sometimes a total nightmare to navigate the system and to find the right care for relatives,” he told the Telegraph. “Digital technology has changed so many aspects of our lives – how we order food, books, hail a cab or even dating – yet when it comes to the really important aspect of our lives, we often don’t get the help we need.”

The founders also want to use AI to track patients health conditions and reduce the number of emergency hospital admissions.

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