Copenhagen-based B2B2C coaching platform for health and fitness professionals Lenus has raised €50 million in a Series A round led by EQT Ventures that also saw participation from Lars Fjeldsoe-Nielsen. The record-breaking Series A round is expected to fuel Lenus’ further product development, recruitment, international expansion plans which include the US, and the launch of a non-profit online school aimed at educating private fitness coaches and dieticians to become better online coaches.

Founded in 2016 by Bertram Thorslund, Lenus seeks to help health and fitness pros scale their businesses while still serving each clients’ personal needs by handling the back office side of things. The firm builds and customises technical setups for partners and their clients. 

While the company’s website is fairly devoid of what they actually do, apparently they’re on to something good, as the replicable go-to-market strategy has seen the company open offices in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

“Our dream is to empower health and fitness professionals across markets to make the world a healthier place by democratising both the possibility to become an excellent online coach and for people to get access to excellent online coaches. Our business philosophy has from day one been to nail it before we scale it. I’m proud of what we as a team so far have accomplished,” comments CEO Bertram Thorslund. “Now it’s time for scaling at an even faster pace and we now aim for exponential growth in the coming years.”  

“People-powered health is vital and, as the pandemic has shown, remote doesn’t mean alone, so Lenus’ community approach is invaluable. I’m proud and excited that EQT Ventures is leading the largest ever Series A in Denmark through this investment into Lenus, and look forward to this exciting new phase of the business as the team continues to push and grow,” adds EQT’s Lars Jörnow

Lead image provided by Nikolaj Thaning.

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