Danish startup Headlight raises €1 million for its personal development programme for professionals

Copenhagen-based startup Headlight, which offers three-month personal development programs in Copenhagen, Berlin, and Los Angeles, has secured a €1 million funding round from the Founders startup studio.

Headlight positions itself as a business coaching platform done right. During the program that costs €2,000 is connects participants with trainers on its own app, which is there for communications and progress tracking.

“Denmark is supposedly the happiest place on earth—but not at work apparently,” said Erik Algreen, Headlight co-founder. “And it’s a global problem. Most of us are going to work and not getting the results we want. Imagine what we could achieve if everyone was having a top day every day.”

Headlight believes that its program can tackle the workplace engagement issues: the company states that just 15 percent of employees globally are engaged at work. The startup believes “it’s because most people lack the tools to identify and articulate their strengths and aspirations for their work life, leading to huge untapped potential in workplaces,” it stated in a press release.

In the photo, left to right: Headlight co-founders Simon Sylvest, Erik Algreen, and Oliver Bernhard

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