Tel Aviv’s Frontegg exits stealth mode with $5 million to develop ‘Wix for SaaS apps’


Israeli SaaS platform Frontegg has raised a $5 million seed round led by Pitango, with backing from i3 Equity and Global Founders Capital.

Frontegg aims to free up developers’ time by providing a set of pre-built product capabilities that easily integrate with any other SaaS application. The “SaaS Essentials”-as-a-Service platform is like a starter kit of common tools and functions needed in any app, on top of which teams can build their unique ideas.

“We are confident that Frontegg is about to revolutionize the SaaS market, like Wix did for web development and Gong for sales,” says Noga Kap, Managing Partner at i3 Equity Partners.

The “SaaS essentials” provided by the software revolve around three major end-user experiences: secure access (authentication, privacy controls, etc.); connectivity and integrations (in-app notifications, third-party integrations); and engagement (dashboard overviews, reporting and in-app messaging).

Founded one year ago, the Tel Aviv startup is serving a range of customers, from early-stage startups to hyper-growth unicorns. The team hopes to expand its North American customer base in the upcoming quarters.

Photo: Frontegg founders Aviad Mizrachi and Sagi Rodin

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