Dutch gaming company Gameye has raised $2.4 million in a round led by Lakestar, with support from other investors such as Volta Ventures. The fresh capital will help the team develop its technology, which allows developers to scale multiplayer games without sacrificing performance.

Essentially, Gameye aggregates the world’s gaming infrastructure and makes that computing power available to game developers through an API and proprietary server management services.

By taking an on-demand approach to server management, Gameye says its computing power is flexible and resilient, solving capacity management issues and lowering latency for game sessions. This keeps gaming quality high, even in “upcoming or hard-to-reach places around the world.”

Next week the Rotterdam-based startup will host its second Industry Insights event, an online mini-conference about the state of the gaming industry, featuring speakers from Microsoft, Paladin Studios and Photon Engine.

Founded in 2016, Gameye raised a $1.6 million seed round early last year from Seedcamp, Makers Fund and some angel investors.

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